Time & Material


Time & Material - A Controlled Alternative

Outsourcing needs have many forms. They may vary from fixed budget and time projects to a turnkey requirement that also need not be defined right at the start.

The client company itself may seek the services of a provider ready to offer scalable solutions and if need be pause or put a stop to the arrangement itself.

Think McRaaN.

McRaaN offers carefully designed time and development charges that brook no ambiguity. With us you can be rest assured of freedom to engage, continue or seek other providers without irritating entanglements. We understand the importance of letting you have your own space.

Our adroit technical repertoire and reasonable economics leave limited, if any, chance of the requiring further or others’ assistance. We have ensured that by having associations with the best in the industry in all fields we needed to. You are assured that all factors that may need to be addressed have been on our radar and that mutually we can move ahead with long term projects of any size smoothly.

You can get in touch with us at info@mcraan.com for further clarifications/queries.