Hire A Dedicated Team


Hire a Dedicated Offshore Team

Managing and nurturing a staff that would eventually become an asset and a reliable backbone of your business no longer holds the same benefits any longer.

It has been proved time and again that in these times of dizzying pace and serious competition an offshore team of impeccable credentials would make more business sense. The very concept of back office that thrived on routine work has been outlived by the mind-boggling rate of change of change.

McRaaN offers The solution

Technically updated staff with hands on experience in providing apt solutions and with relevance to contemporary business requirements has formulated flexible and easy-to-choose models to suit varying needs ; right from time and cost projects to open ended long-term projects that defy stipulation and demand scalable acumen.

Tangible benefits accrued

  • Cost advantages compared to on-site teams
  • On time and quality deliveries of projects
  • Access to diversified pool of expertise
  • Direct control over the entire process
  • Abridged development time
  • Rapidly scaled-up operations
  • Provide our own methodology backed by our 8 years of extensive software development experience or
  • Integrating both or multiple methodologies to develop world class solutions for you
Together with updated and modern communication and security systems, we also invest in setting up pool of additional resources that can be used to enhance the team at any time in future.

You can get in touch with us at info@mcraan.com for further clarifications/queries.