Back Office


Aiming For Best Solutions

With our wide ranging exposure and experience gained in disparate verticals, strategic associations with leading providers of quality IT solutions and development, we have the wherewithal to provide effective back-end support to be an dependable cog in your growth process.

As you surge ahead to serve your clients better, you need to be assured of the vital support that back office provides; updated, relevant and insightful response with minimum response time and with perspective of the situation at hand requires a staff that understands and practices in real time IT environment.

The infrastructure and staff required could require structural and economical overhauls that are better done away with.

As independent professionals, you be assured that with McRaaN you have more than an able and reliable colleague.

  • We remain invisible and behind the scene.
  • We will communicate to your customers and business associates in your name.
  • We will act as your 'Project Manager'.
  • We will register a domain for you and will add a website for your business.
  • We will promote your business through the web resource.
  • We will maintain your web resource.
  • Whenever an enquiry is generated , we will pass on the valuable information to you.
  • We will Liase on your behalf, helping you source valuable business.

We have the acumen to understand the specific needs of businesses of all sizes, right from start-ups to Fortune listed conglomerates.

Whether you are a small enterprise, a start up venture, a medium sized enterprise, or a global giant, we are ideally suited to serve your back office operational needs.

You can get in touch with us at for further clarifications/queries.