Off-Site Consulting


Offsite Consulting Services

Off-Site consulting in IT sector has been dogged by missed deadlines, loss of progress and developmental stage, and communication lapses.

McRaaN has been careful to avail offshore clients of having a hands-on feel of our progress based on the mutually agreed prototype developed, based on the initial deliberations with the clients that also encompasses the time frame for each stage.

Over and above that, McRaaN bridges further bridges gaps by allowing the client to have direct access to the development server in real-time and be assured. Documentation prepared to detail the ongoing process makes it easy for our clients to evaluate the progress in tangible terms.

Off-Site consultation involves significant cost savings. We are eager to offer 24/7 turnaround time wherever essential or demanded. That works to our advantage, ultimately. This model has been developed keeping in mind that, we need to keep the clients mind of this supervising this job and instead, concentrating on the core business.

Reliability and integrity towards our job counts is of primary importance to us. We go that extra mile to reassure our clients. At a reasonable cost.

Off-Site Consulting with McRaaN intrinsically means:

  • Significant cost savings.
  • 24/7 turn around of development efforts, if required.
  • Better resource allocation and easy availability of resources with various skills and specialization in latest programming technologies.
  • Process-Oriented development: Clients can focus on their core business objectives while we take care of the processes involved in design, development and quality control.

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