Joint Ventures


Setup, Training,  And Support For Your Business

McRaaN has been fortunate enough to serve clients across the globe with disparate requirements. Each application has its own unique thrust area and consequently a perspective study thereto has taught us that the technical back tools that optimally serve each vary so very much necessitating diverse skill sets.

Each organization has its own strengths based on exposure and experience.

We have chosen to make best use of synergic handshakes. Just as we know our strengths, we are also aware of the limitations and have hence ventured successfully jointly with others towards newer horizons and developing newer applications and services.

We believe in total transparency as it leverages and adds to the value addition to the task at hand. We have firmed up our belief on the fact that there is simply no other way to break into newer vistas.

Whether on a project to project basis or for a continued, open end relationship.

Offering the best value-for-money ethic demands a careful balance between the JV stakeholders’ expectations and capabilities against the requirements of the clients. Forging a JV and carrying it through the agreed terms comes to us naturally, either as initiators or getting into others’ projects with equal ease.

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