Build & Transfer


Delivering Quality Services Worldwide

IT technology outsourcing is looking at India with a fond eye. The pool of talent is stirring up upheavals in the industry worldwide with the large young English speaking populace taking on the technological changes with enthusiasm and delivering competitive solutions at envious economics. Challenging the world scenario.

As destination India becomes the buzzword for IT majors and SME’s looking to leverage the latent skills by exploring by setting up facilities, infrastructure and hiring resourceful professionals, the advantage of having a knowledgeable local connection gains more weight.

McRaaN has it presence globally. It has its offices in Canada, UK and the USA; giving it vital insights and regulatory and social interfacing difficulties when setting up offices and work places abroad to tap local talent.

We have set up the required routines in place to phase the process in a systematic and transparent manner.

Build Phase
  • Mutual Understanding: Defining Expectations;
  • Core team recruiting; Training period;
  • Dedicated Connectivity and infrastructure set up.
Operate Phase
  • Setting routine delivery process;
  • Team size adjustments based on requirements;
  • Fine tuning escalation and status reporting process;
  • Interfacing the local and clients’ team.
Transfer Phase
  • Register an India office for the client;
  • Comply with local laws and regulations;
  • Transfer the resources formally to the client.

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